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Yes, you heard that, right? Books in mint condition being sold by their weight and not the retail price. A booklover’s paradise! When I first saw this upcoming event on social media, I was overjoyed and I am sure so were most of the bookworms in the City of Joy. After having marked the dates (24th and 25th September, 2016) on my social calendar and shouted out the news to at least 20 other book loving friends, I contacted the organizers of this amazing book sale.

Terminal_ 11, a new age café situated in the organized maze that is Salt Lake, is famed for their amazing food and even more amazing ambience. They host band gigs, comedy battles and intellectual discussions on every other weekend. Buy Books Per Kg is an event attempted to bring all the book lovers closer and bring a smile on their face.

A chat with Divyashree Agarwal, sister of Aditya Agarwal who is the brilliant mind behind the café.

This is the first time that a book by weight sale is being organized on such a large scale in Kolkata. Recently, a similar one took place in Mumbai and all the book lovers from Kolkata were waiting for such an event. What encouraged you in arranging this event?
Terminal 11 is more than just a café. We always try to promote art and a certain lifestyle. Inside the café  itself, we have a huge books section. We believe that if such events can revive the dying reading culture even by a little proportion, we have succeeded 🙂


The first thing you notice when you walk into this section of the café


You turned 1 in the month of august, right? So how did this journey begin?
Yes. We are just a year old and there is a long way to go. I am a vicious traveller and in Barcelona, came across this cafe called ‘Els Quatre Gats’ or The 4 Cats. It is a historic café where famous artists started their careers- think Pablo Picasso, Gaudi, Julio Gonzalez and many more. This is our attempt to create something meaningful for the next generation on thinkers and doers. Terminal_ 11 is the brain child of my brother Aditya Agarwal. The interiors and the starting phase was all him. I am just taking it forward from there.



Moksha performing live in Terminal_ 11


There are already more than a thousand people who are really excited to attend Buy Books per kg event. Did you expect this sort of response when you came up with the idea?
We take pride in being from Kolkata- the city with a soul. Books have and will always be a part of our culture. We did expect a good response but this was over-whelming. We did not promote the event in any way. I guess a good idea sells itself.


Lastly, what can the readers from Kolkata expect to find on the 24th and 25th of September? What kind of collections will they be able to get their hands on?
This is mainly English fiction. You can expect classic books- think Dickens, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Hemmingway, Edgar Allan Poe.
Chick-lit books- think Devil wears Prada, Twilight, Sophie Kinsella.
A lot of children’s books.
Popular books like 50 shades of grey.
Collectables like encyclopedia.
Self help books.
Books on hobbies like gardening, photography, art, baking etc. and much much more.


That sounds like a great collection.


Do visit the cafe. We would be really happy to serve you.


Believe me, I can’t wait to visit this place. I hope all of you are as excited as I am about next weekend. If you haven’t already texted your book buddy to keep their weekend free, then it is high time you do it.


(Picture Courtesy:- Terminal_ 11)


Happy Hunting!


*Let me know in the comments section which books are you looking forward to. Also have you been to any such sale recently?*


8 thoughts on “Buy Books Per Kg

  1. bhaveshbhimani says:

    Wow! That was interesting. Being from Kolkata, I am definitely going to visit this now. Thank you for this awesome news. 🙂
    Btw, have you heard about the shop “BookTuk’? It’s a similar-themed shop and sells books per kg. Only, here the shop remains open throughout the year. I had loved that experience and after reading your post am planning to write something on it. Thanks again and good going. 🙂


    • Aritri says:

      Yes Bhavesh I have heard of BookTook and I really like their concept. Planning to visit it soon. However this sale seems to have completely new books, BookTook gives out books that are second hand, although I have no qualms against used books. Let me know whether you liked it after visiting.


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