5 Reasons why you must watch Pink

I am not particularly a movie lover therefore, I hardly ever catch the recent releases in the movie theatres. I prefer curling up in a corner with a plate of hot maggi and an engaging book. However, this week on a special personal occasion I went for the movie Pink, directed by Shoojit Sircar and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. The struggle was so intense that by the end of the movie I was silently weeping. When the lights came on, I turned my head around and found many others were broken too. The girl sitting next to me, the woman sitting two rows ahead, had all been through a similar experience in their lives. When it comes to outraging a person’s modesty, there is no big or small. Encroaching someone’s privacy, humiliating them to such an extent that they suffer from mental disgrace is a crime that cannot be judged by parameters.

Pink is a much needed movie for the current times and every one, irrespective of gender, background, age needs to watch it. Here are 5 of the numerous reasons why one must watch Pink.

  1. Because it is high time you stop belittling a color due to its stereotyped association to a gender. Pink is a color many cringe at as they associate it with young girls and immaturity. Many men scoff at the color finding it too feminine and many women, for the fear of being stereotyped, are too proud to accept the color’s beauty. As soon as someone says their favorite color is Pink, we instantly judge them to be frivolous and lacking of any depth. However when the circumstances change and the need arises, pink can be symbolic to courage, it can be power and strength. Shoojit shows us that Pink can be a color of boldness.636042866090099228-1061012949_blue-boys-gender-girls-favim-com-3570234
  2. Because I am tired of being on my guard against the hungry eyes, mouths and hands of the monsters around me. When my mother tells me to lock the door after she leaves the house, when my father has to pick me up whenever I am returning home late at night, when my boyfriend calls me up to check on my safety every time I am travelling in an over crowded bus, I wince and wonder if there will ever come a time when I won’t have to be alert whenever I step out of my house (sometimes inside my house too).stock-photo-fear-abuse-or-domestic-violence-concept-face-of-scared-female-victim-62173345.jpg
  3. Because my whole body recoils when my boss places his hand on my back or arm trying to be over affectionate. When a person of higher authority tries to take advantage of a situation and in spite of fighting with all our mental strength, sometimes we give in to the circumstances, we want to protest yet we cannot, it is at these times we need a Pink in our lives to remind us of what we can do if we want to.Sexual Harassment at work
  4. Because there is no need of a debate to determine the superiority of a particular gender unless we can establish the basic humane behaviour to our fellow beings.gender-equality2.png
  5. Because I want to say NO and not have to explain. I want to say NO to those acquaintances who keep pestering me to have another drink. I want to say NO to my distant relative whose hands seem to find inappropriate places to bless. I want to say NO to those thousands of eyes who break my modesty down into pieces with each ravenous stare. I want to say NO when my husband forces himself on me. I want to say NO to the lewdness of the catcallers in a deserted lane. I want to scream the word NO as loud as I can without having to explain.20140328-202711

I needed this movie in my life, especially now when I have been cowering in fear and anxiety of the upcoming unknown difficulties. Pink bestowed on me a certain power to fight all of my fears. The next time I won’t be afraid to stand up to my perpetrator.

*Did you watch the movie? What moved you? Let me know in the comments*



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