Sunday Book Haul

Hi everyone,

I was out book hunting this Sunday with my best friend and we went to this place where they sell books by their weight. To be honest, I did not have a lot of hope about the collection available there. It was the first sale organized by the cafe and a lot of anticipation had built up regarding the sale.

First of all it was a real pain finding the cafe, as it was situated in the maze that we call Salt Lake, here in Kolkata (unless you have some serious work here DO NOT visit). Finally we reached the place by noon and went inside. Yes, I was not mistaken. The collection was bleak. There were hardly any classics or book that I like reading. The only things available were a lot of cookbooks and too many chick-lits. Sigh! I travelled the entire city for this..

Nevertheless, I was determined to look for something I would enjoy and the hunt began. I swooshed past hundreds of copies of Twilights, 50shades of greys and chicken soup for soul. A few books caught my eye but before I could claim them another hawk eye like mine grabbed them.

Ultimately, I was rewarded with these two possessions.

The Collector of Worlds was originally written in German by Iliya Troyanov. It is a novelised version of the life of Sir Richard Burton whose life was remarked by extraordinary experiences.

The reason I bought this book is native literature attracts me. I love reading books that have been written in different parts of the world in their own languages. I have never read any German literature so it is a first for me.

A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson is a novel that describes man’s fall from grace, the endless destruction of war and celebrates fiction.

This book was suggested to me by someone and I just had to read it.

Buying new books brings a joy that is unearthly. Only a book lover can comprehend this.

Happy reading to me!

*What books did you buy this month?*



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