Book Review : The Investigator Series- Arya a new beginning by Arvind Narsima



Published on : 2016

Publisher : Notion Press

Pages : 260

Source : Review copy received from the author

Format : Paperback

Rating : 3 / 5

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Synopsis : Arya is a handsome, shrewd, witty and an intelligent police officer. He fears no one and loves the Indian Penal Laws as much as he loves his life. He has a very daunting past – in Delhi and Ghaziabad, where he was accused of mass murders. But later, all the cases were dropped due to lack of evidence. Still, he had to spend eight gruelling months in a mental asylum.

Arya is brought to Chennai and commissioned to CB CID. He cleverly solves two complicated white collar murders – as if they were children’s puzzles. His senior, Shivani Verma, a young divorcee with a four-year-old daughter, initially hates him for his off-handed remarks but later starts liking him as her daughter, Payal, gets attached to Arya.

Arya’s past is vaguely revealed to Shivani by Neha and Shirly. When Shivani tries to get close to Arya, he is unfortunately thrown into a serious case where four consecutive murders shake the city.

Arya eventually also finds out about a jinxed web of relationships gone dangerously wrong because of greed, money, lust, unbelievable treachery and infidelity. He tries to save the unexpected murderer, when he learns that she’s pregnant but finally his loyalty towards the Law takes over.

My view : I am going to begin today’s review with the description of the title and the topic. Arvind Narsima’s debut novel is a suspense thriller as evident from the title. The book is a series of mysterious murders and the investigation and enquiry to solve them.The title justifies the theme of the book and leaves us wondering about the new beginning.

The red background in the cover page symbolises danger and the silhouette of a man with a revolver in his hand takes our mind back to those good ol’ days of detective shows and mystery novels we indulged in as kids. It has a certain nostalgic feeling to it.

The book is characterised by two simultaneous plots that merge into each other at a certain point due to dangerous mishaps. The first plot takes us to the polished environment of Blue Bird Automobiles Limited where we meet an over-ambitious and shrewd Avinash, returned from USA lately, who can go to any means to fulfill his sky-high dreams. His path entangles with the company’s Service Coordinator, Abinaya. She is a very attractive woman, married to a beast of a husband, Nataraj and has two lovely kids. Her oppressive marriage pushes her in the arms of an acquaintance, Srinivasan. Their friendship is soon converted to an illicit affair and Abinaya gets pulled into a web of lies and betrayal. Avinash and his NRI friend, Lenish’s plans are serpentine. Will Abinaya outwit them? Or will she be crushed into the unknown hazards by the men in her life?

On the other side, we encounter Shivani Verma, SSP belonging to CB CID and the IG, Vikas Chowdary. The IG’s affection for Shivani and her daughter, Payal, moves us. His genuine concern for Shivani and many other factors brings a new figure into the story, Arya. Shivani and Arya’s camaraderie is a refreshing touch to the otherwise serious book. Arya’s antics yet sharp mind leaves us enthralled as he quickly solves two high-profile murders as soon as he joins the department. His brilliance attracts both admirers and rivals, and it brings a sort of spring bloom into Shivani’s stern heart. However, Arya’s past makes a quick comeback and we are left guessing for more. Will Shivani and Arya’s love blossom? Will Arya’s past bring new mischief into his present?

There were some grammatical errors and typos which were overlooked during the editing process. The writing style could have been more brushed up. There were times when the book reminded me of Bollywood’s cheesy lines. Nevertheless, it had many positive sides to it.

The way one mystery converges into another is really interesting and keeps the reader engaged till the end. The author has created a well-thought and intriguing suspense up to the last page of the book. There are funny quips that brings some lightness and smiles to the readers. The prodigal cop, his photogenic memory and intelligence solves the mystery and this made me an immediate fan of Arya. The Investigator Series was a very entertaining read and kept me at the edge of my seat throughout. If you are a fan of suspense thrillers and mysterious stories then this is just the right book you should be reading.

Every unsolved question will be answered in the next book The Aravan Head.

Happy reading!


This is the debut novel for the author, Arvind Narsima Mourty. The author lives in the beautiful Pondicherry along with his wife and daughter. He left a lucrative job to pursue a dream and a quest to become a celebrated writer. His area of interests lay largely in adventures and mysteries. An avid reader and a prolific writer, he has won many prizes and kudos for his creative writing. He has written many dramas, stories and poems that were performed during the memorable years of school and college. Few of his favorite writers include Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sangi, and Amish Tripati. Other than reading and writing, he loves to cook and extensively travel. The Investigator Series is the outcomes of his interest in mystery and detective stories. “Arya- A New Beginning” is the first part of the investigator series. The other parts will follow soon.


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