Thursday Quotables

Hello everyone,

 I have decided to start doing weekly memes on my blog because obviously they are such fun things to do. I was a little apprehensive whether I would be able to keep up every week, I am really bad at patterns and regular stuff afterall. It is difficult for me to do things on a schedule. Therefore, I have chosen a simple and fun meme to do. Thursday Quotables is a weekly feature organized by Bookshelf Fantasies. Here I will be sharing my favorite quote, line, dialogue, or paragraph from a book that I read that week. It sounds absolutely fun, right? You are welcome to join me.

This week’s favorite quote is from the book Her Resurrection.

“We are the scapegoats of the vagaries of men’s desires. When a man is here having sex with us, you know, somewhere in the city, a girl is saved from being raped. We are a bunch of women-soldiers of the country, who give up their lives for the cause of the nation.”

These words from the mouth of a sex-worker is so powerful and blunt that I sat still with my book closed. 

Read the entire review here. And definitely pick up the book. You won’t be disappointed. 

Happy reading! 😊

*The featured image of the post is courtesy Bookshelf Fantasies*

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