Book Review : The Lively Library by Niranjan Navalgund

Published on : 2016
Publisher : Readomania

Pages : 96

Source : Review copy received from the author

Format : Paperback

Rating : 4 / 5

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Synopsis : Nayan, a librarian by chance, inherits a library from his deceased father. Little does he know that the library turns to a mysterious den of extraordinary books that can talk! Hiriya Halepu, Pu. Nayaka, Kapshi and many other entities live there. The Book-world is a secret place where these books celebrate their lives, their romance, and also gave pangs of separation and conflicts amongst themselves. Amidst all this, two souls fall in love but encounter a strange predicament that separates them from each other. Things seem to spiral out of control when an unknown enemy send a threat of destruction to this mysterious world. The Book-world calls their resolute protector, Helmine, who unravels many unknown facets of this world in an attempt to save its inhabitants the lovers struggle to find each other, and Helmine tried hard to decipher the threat messages. But will she be able to save this world from destruction? Will the two souls in love be united? There are no easy answers. Because, this is no ordinary library, after all!

My view : We, the book nerds of the world, love our books and have deep and sensitive feelings for them. A dog -ear or a torn page can give us nightmares. Sometimes I have hoped desperately only my books could talk back to me. Imagine, our dreams came true and our books started speaking (psst: whispering) to us and they felt and thought just like we, the humans, do. What a great world it will be live in! The Lively Library is like a dream come true. Niranjan Navalgund, with his storytelling capabilities, has weaved a land where the books come alive at night and engage in a community-like environment. This book is every bibliophile’s paradise where books are depicted to have myriad of emotions. The books laugh, smile, gap, dream and live to spread the word of knowledge among their readers. Nayan, who mends and takes care of the Lively library comes across the mysterious disappearances from the library. Little does he know that these books live a completely different life away from the eyes of their readers. What seemed to be an easy least fantasy for bibliophiles turned out to be an allegorical piece. Just like the real world, the Lively library has books that exchange words, whisper into each others book ears, take pride in their pages and fall in love with those whom they find compatible. There is the danger of falling into the grasp of fake books too. With every turn of page, the author allows us to rethink and compare the similarities with our own existence. He had created memorable characters that i could relate to instantly because I have met a few people with the same traits. *Squeals* I always knew books and humans are alike. My favourite book souls from the Lively library are Kapshi (Book Man) and Helmine (Resolute Protector). I have actually become a fan of Helmine’s wit and sense of humour. I was kind of hoping that Kapshi and Helmine would get booked (married as per the book terms, silly) but you never know, there might be a sequel and I might be able to ship their romance. I found the character of Mook-bonk fatally amusing and adorable. He imparts counsel and wisdom to books who are in desperate need of some and all he asks in payment is a few words. I can only wish that such payment system could be used in our world too. The plus points of the book is Niranjan’s enchanting style of writing, simple yet captivating. His imagination needs a special appreciation from all.

The only thing I didn’t like it’s the extensive use of new terms that needed constant checking of the glossary at the back of the book. It would have been a better reading experience if the terms were naturally explained inside the story itself. This book is an entertaining debut and being a bookworm, you can just pick up the book, sit back and enjoy. 

Happy reading!!


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