YuGen : Reviving the culture of reading

I have been reading magazines ever since I was in my 1st standard. Those were the days of Anandamela and Suktara, magazines for little kids with fascinating stories, artworks, poems and lots of creativity. In my 23 years of life, I have stumbled upon new as well as famous magazines. I have been disappointed by a few recent ones that are generally not well edited or the quality of the work put up in the magazine is not up to the mark. Sometimes, in spite of being top notch the magazines are so commercialized that the feeling of comfort and warmth seems missing.


YuGen, an artistic magazine for the young generation is a very refreshing take on the creativity that young artists cultivate within them. Ranging within a variety of contemporary topics, this magazine was a wonderful compilation of the best works of some very young and gifted people. Akash Rumade, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, deserves prominent appreciation for his excellent selection and assembly.

The cover of the magazine is so simplistically beautiful that it takes away your breath for a moment. ‘Universe is in your hands’. It makes you sit back and ponder. And then what better way to start the initiative of Artists’ Syndicate than ‘The Artist’ by Rishikesh Pande. Although it is a story that we have heard, read and seen a million times, Rishikesh’s flair of writing sparks off interest. Anirban Nanda’s review of Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut was quite informative and I have added it to my TBR. It was exciting to find a book review within the magazine. I think it is one of those sections that I look forward to most whenever I pick up a magazine.

Artists’ Syndicate had organized a writing contest a few months back last year and the winning entries were featured in YuGen. I personally loved ‘Time for me to fly’ by Akshata Mahale and you need to read it to know why. The most powerful and significant poem out of the lot was Sneha Pandey’s ‘Come Grope Me’. A poem that will bring its readers to a standstill and make their skin break into goosebumps. Two engaging fiction by Pallavi Sareen and Meena Mishra were unconventional and enjoyable.

The specialty of YuGen is how diversified all the works were, yet each of them were extremely admirable. The graphics and artworks showcased were of utmost quality and I am eagerly waiting for their second issue.

To subscribe to their magazine and view the excellent work that they are doing visit their Facebook Page.

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