Weekend Watch

Hey amazing people,
I love weekends, don’t you too? Well, everyone loves weekends (other than young kids who attend school and get to meet friends everyday). So most weekends I love staying at home and lazing around with a comfort read. Yes, I get those irritable stares from my parents who think their daughter has some abnormality to be holed up in the room the whole weekend. And how can I avoid the deathly threats from my friends whom I promise to meet and then make huge plans throughout the weekdays, only to cancel when I wake up on Saturday mornings. 

However, this Sunday I managed to become enthusiastic about going out and I not so surprisingly I did have a lot of fun. We went for a movie Trapped and this post is about letting you know why you must watch the film. 

  • The film has great direction. Coming from a talented person Vikram Motwane, whose Udaan can be regarded as a modern classic, Trapped is also a movie that is about to create its own niche in the industry. With mind-blowing direction, it is a movie that is close to perfection.
  • Rajkumar Rao’s brilliant performance will leave you mesmerised. It was so real, that every person inside the movie theater was uneasy and could hardly sit comfortably in the seats. 
  • I am sure this movie is going to create a new genre in Bollywood that has already been well-tapped in Hollywood. The survival genre- with its realistic portrayal is here to stay and we can expect many more such awesome upcoming movies (hopefully). 

I ditched Logan and The Beauty and the Beast to watch this and believe me, it was not at all a choice I regretted. 

We ended the day with a dinner at Neil’s Kitchen and may be, I will be getting out of my house more often on weekends now (or may be not 😉). Here’s hoping your Monday blues go away and the Friday arrives soon enough. 

At Neil’s Kitchen


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