Book Review: Intentional Smile by Shazia Omar and Merrill Khan

Intentional Smile is a graphic illustrated edition that takes the self-help genre to an ultimate level. The book is divided into distinct sections of feel-good, self-appreciating truths that is bound to open your eyes and love yourself more. The title reads out A Girl’s Guide to Positive Living and the cover page had little girls holding each other’s hands. That one image swiftly made me recollect my childhood, do we really take care of ourselves anymore? The book takes us through all the lifestyle changes we need to adapt or ingraft to lead a healthy and content life but not in a preachy way. There is a certain light-hearted way the authors use to connect to the readers and it is this tenderness that brings a pleasant smile on the readers’ face.
Now let us move on to the illustrations. The artwork is done by Lara Salem. And may I say, that she is a magician when it comes to conjuring up some amazingly fond art. If there is something that could have made the writing better it is this artwork. Done in a very simplistic and freehand style, Salem wins the hearts of the book lovers.

My only complaint with the book is it could have been thicker because it was a choco fudge that ended too soon. 

Rarely do you read a book that makes you feel like you are being hugged and molly cuddled. Intentional Smile is a bundle of warm chocolatey joy wrapped and sent across to readers. You can feel that happiness and warmth radiating towards you and you just want to hug back this book of goodness. Can you really rate a book that comes straight from the heart? 

Publisher : Bloomsbury India

Pages : 204

Format : Paperback

Rating : 5 / 5

Review copy sent by the publisher.

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