Hack into your creativity by Michael Burns

If you are a professional writer or an aspiring one, you would know the pains of dealing with a writer’s block. When the deadline is looming close and you have been sitting on your lazy rear stuck with that unfinished idea in your head for months, a little shove and some encouraging prompts always help. However, even Michael Burns knows how unhelpful and unrealistic most random writing prompts can be. Hence this masterpiece was born.

In his own words, Burns says how writing like any other profession needs to be honed, cultivated and polished every now and then. Hence this little writing guide is like that long lost lesson that you wish you had taken years back in Uni. The book covers various aspects of writing and is sub-divided into chapters that each come with many scenarios and questions. There is a certain amount of space given where you can jot down your ideas or write a tiny blurb. This is where the functionality of this book comes in. It acts like a journal where you can note down your thoughts as and when you are reading each prompt. Some examples are :

Section : What Happens Next?

You’ve received mail. It’s a strange-looking envelope addressed to you by your father who died 10 years ago.

Section : Character Building

Write an important interaction between two people without any dialogue. Let body language alone do the job.

Expect such interesting scenarios and mind-boggling situations which will definitely force your brain into the working mode and the words would come out of your pen on its own.

Pick up this inspiring book aka journal and write some amazing stories.

Publisher : Penguin India

Pages : 240

Rating : 4 / 3

You can buy this book here.


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