The Haunted Library by Tanya Kirk

I am still spooked out by some of the stories in this book. I think I might have been scarred for life. Libraries, books and manuscripts might haunt me forever. And obviously Tanya Kirk has done a brilliant job in compiling such varied and excellently written short stories by eminent as well as not-so-eminent writers.

Each of the stories are somehow related to the bookish world, whether it is some old library or a second hand book, or a valuable manuscript. And the particular term for this branch of horror genre is called . For readers, there is nothing more scary than a supernatural presence in a book and this is what makes this genre such a widely accepted one.

What to expect :-

Writing that reminds you of the 19th century classics and the harsh terrains featured in books like Wuthering Heights.

Short, fast paced stories that will keep you on the edge. The coffee mugs will drain sooner than you notice and the sun will arise in no time.

However ..

For intense horror fans, this might seem to be a change because The Haunted Library’s short stories lack severely in jump-start moments and overtly gore visual descriptions.

If you like the occasional spook here and there and enjoy a good narrative style then this is one perfect short story collection for you.

Publisher : Niyogi Books

Pages : 224

Rating : 4 / 5

You can get the book here.


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