Copy Cat by Alex Lake

A book coming from the Sunday Times bestselling author who has carved for himself a niche for writing the best crime / psychological thrillers will definitely raise one’s expectations. And guess what, I was not at all disappointed. Copy Cat turned out to be a remarkable weekend read for me. Thanks to the author as well as the boss at work (for not burdening me with extra work and allowing me to finish this book in one sitting) I found one of my favourite crime thrillers of this year. Also needless to say, I loved the plot so much that I narrated it to my mother, sister, boyfriend, best friend and practically anyone else who would listen to me. *Perks of having a bookworm around you*

Sarah Havenant, a doctor, wife and mother of three beautiful children, suddenly finds out that there is a duplicate Facebook profile created in her name with pictures of her family and herself and the exact activities that she does recorded on it. Funnily enough she doesn’t remember creating this account or clicking the photographs. To add to the worry, the duplicating behaviour doesn’t seem to stop at Facebook. Email, digital banking, e-commerce sites everything shows that there is a similar Sarah Havenant out there who is not her. Unusual letters and emails start appearing signed by her name and even her husband, Ben starts doubting her soon enough. Is this some prank, an identity crisis or a real threat about to get her and her close ones?

What to expect :-

A foolproof plot that keeps you on the edge on every page. Just like Sarah, the readers are bound to keep double guessing themselves the entire time. (Not me, though. I am the lady Sherlock who could guess the real objective and threat by the time I reached 200 pages. But hey, you aren’t me.)

The writing was excellent and kept me glued to the book. I finished 400 pages in one night and it was one very late night and Alex Lake’s brilliant word play kept spooking me. Note: If you get scared easily, try not to read this one at night.


I didn’t really enjoy the snippets of the antagonist’s mind since it made the story a little comical instead of intensifying the suspense. The book could have done without the theories going on inside a psychopath’s mind.

Suckers for crime fiction and psychological thrillers are sure to devour this book and can thank me later for recommending it. It was a real pain to write this review without giving away any spoilers.

Publisher : Harper Collins

Pages : 416

Rating : 4 / 5

You can buy the book here.


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