50 Cups of Coffee by Khushnuma Daruwala

As clichéd as the title might sound, the book is far from being cheesy. Khushnuma has penned a very unusual and real take on the current matrimonial dating trend among youngsters. When the millenials are running away from real relationships throughout their lives, and finally resort to the internet’s dating options, the result is hilariously painful.

Complete credit goes to the author to make a non-fiction based on a contemporary topic seem so fresh and entertaining. The book deals with the experiences’ of the author’s friend Dia who is on a search for a prospective groom and lands up on matrimonial sites (you know, the Indian version of online dating with parental approval). However, each man she meets is a complete mismatch but this does not act as a deterrent to Dia, who is hellbent on finding her perfect match. The consequence is a funny catalogue of the different kinds of men she ends up meeting, each with a different kind of baggage (whether it is an invisible presence of a supreme mother-in-law or a strong desire for not eating on dates).

Things I absolutely loved about this book :-

  • It is unapologetic and unpretentious and says it like it is. There is a certain reassurance that comes to the readers when the author lays truth (and nothing, but the truth) in front of their eyes.
  • Little anecdotes at the end of each chapter called “50 Cups of Wisdom”. They were funny as well as insightful.
  • An original writing style that instantly draws you into the book and you finish it one-sitting.

Another favourite light read from this year that I can surely suggest you all to pick up whenever you intend to get out of a reading slump. I am planning to gift this book to a friend of mine who is single and swiping left and right on matrimonial sites (although can you really do that on Shaadi.com?!)

Publisher : Penguin Random House

Pages : 196

Rating : 4 / 5

You can buy the book here.


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