Murder of a Lady by Anthony Wynne

Hear hear Murder Mystery fans! I have just the perfect recommendation for you here with me. If you swear by Poirot and Miss Marple mysteries and cringe whenever a badly written crime fiction stares at your face, then you can blindly trust me on this one. Murder of a Lady has all the right elements needed to cook up a murder and then take you on a blindfolded ride throughout the book to find the murderer.

A Scottish lady is murdered in a locked room in Duchlan castle and everyone is perplexed whether such a thing is possible. A room with a locked door and bolted windows leaves even Dr. Hailey, who has famously solved locked room murders before, puzzled. Miss Gregor, the aged lady who has been gruesomely killed was known to be kind and generous among the poor. Hence the method and the purpose behind the murder remains the biggest question.

Mystery and sudden thrills characterize this book. Every event in the story is gradually unfurled and leaves us even more confused and wanting for more. When the second and the third murder happens, I was extremely spooked and kept quickly turning the pages. More than once, I had the urge to open the last page and find out how and by whom was Mary Gregor murdered. The miserable setting of Duchlan castle added to the mysterious ambience of the story.

Brilliant characterization by the author is another positive trait of this book. Each and everyone around Miss Gregor was shed with enough light and excellently described that you end up doubting everyone and can find a motive for each of them to kill the victim.

The only complaint that I have is the length of the book. The story could have been shortened and that would have increased the intensity of the mystery by a notch at least.

Trust Niyogi Books to unearth such hidden gems of literature and bring them to readers like us who are eager to gorge on mysteries.


Publisher : Niyogi Books

Pages : 266

Rating : 4 / 5

You can buy the book here.


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