2018 Reading Challenges : #TLSreadingGoals

This year I have organised a reading challenge for myself to help read more diverse books, more new authors. I have been meaning to step out of my comfort reading zone and hopefully, these challenges I have come up with, will help me do so. If you have also been struggling with your reading goals this year and intend to do something new to make the list interesting, feel free to choose one of these challenges. Don’t forget to tag me in your posts. I would love to know how you are keeping up with these.

1. Read all books written by an author spanned throughout the year.

2. Read one book by a man followed by a woman. (Heavily inspired by the Book Riot’s challenge)

3. Read a book for each letter of the alphabet.

4. Read from the shortlist of any literary award.

5. Choose any three books based on any three different historical events from your country.

6. Read any three past booker prize winning novels.

7. Read four translated works.

8. Read one graphic novel.

9. Read books by any two different authors of colour.

10. Read ten books from ten separate countries.

11. Read the works of an author whom you have wanted to explore for quite sometime now.

Let’s read diverse!

Wish me luck! Every now and then I will be posting about my progress. You can also keep an eye out on my bookstagram account (@theliquidsunset) for all my reading updates. By the end of the year, I will have gained more insight into the literary world. Or at least, let’s hope I do.

For those of you joining me, feel free to drop in a line below. I would love to know which ones you intend to do.

Happy Reading!


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