Why I am a Hindu by Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor is one of those authors who never fail to mesmerise their readers by their sheer intellect and yet again Why I am a Hindu proves his grasp over words and power play.

Here, I will state a few reasons (important ones too) which must compel you to pick this book up the next time you spot this in a bookstore.

-With all the disturbing conflicts going on in the recent times and the innumerable headlines regarding religious upheavals at every other corner of India, Tharoor’s Why I am a Hindu, comes at the perfect time.

-Not one to mince his words and sit on the fences, Tharoor rightly points out the various important teachings of Hinduism that most “Hindus” seem to have forgotten. He emphasises on the age-old philosophies and presents them to the current generation in a way that will most appeal to them, i.e.appealing to their rationale rather than faith.

-It takes immense courage to openly declare yourself to have religious inclinations, when you are an eminent political figure, bordering closely on the lines of being labeled as a fanatic. However, Tharoor comes out as a rational being capable of appreciating his faith and at the same time not demeaning any other religion that might have different views.

-If you love merely love enjoying well-written books with enriched vocabulary and beautiful sentence structure, then you know whom to turn to : Shashi Tharoor.

-Quotable lines that will keep you going for the rest of your life, ones you can use multiple times in debates, ones that will help you through difficult times, ones that will challenge your intellect and most essentially ones that will convince you to have faith again in Hindutva.

One slight thing that disappointed me about the read was there was a lack of power and punch that was so evidently present in Tharoor’s previous books.

However, now you know you can NOT walk pass that aisle in the bookstore where you see this gorgeous cover of Why I am a Hindu peeking back at you, without checking it out.

You can buy the book here.


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