Let’s have Coffee by Parul A. Mittal

“Will Meha find the foreverwala love in a world where relationships can be as brief as the messages we send each other and where we are spoilt for choices just like the screensaver on our phone?”

Although I try to stay distant from boy-meets-girl love stories, but I decided to give this new release a try.

The story starts with an unconventional protagonist who is not-so-perfect when it comes to her appearance or her career choices (she is into wedding planning). This bit of the book gave me hope with regards to the creativity in it. However, she soon meets (in her ex’s marriage) a handsome young wedding photographer who also happens to be the ex-boyfriend of the bride. What are the odds! This meeting soon transforms into a flirtatious and adorable romance which might appeal to some millennials (not me though) as this is mostly written for them.

Right after this, Meha, our protagonist, finds out that Samir, her beau and wedding photographer, was using her as a prospective plot for his sometime-in-future novel’s plot. She does the obvious and walks out on him. Frankly, I side with Meha. I would have been equally annoyed if I were to be the inspiration for a yet-another boring and unimaginative boy-meets-girl novel. What comes right after this short-lived tragedy is straight out of the numerous Mills and Boon novels I have grown reading and let’s not get into that.

I would recommend this book to someone who has been engrossed in too many dark and unhappy reads and is looking for a light and breezy book such as this. Other than the fact that it is a sweet and funny love story, I do not have too many praises for this book.

You can buy the book here.

Rating – 3 / 5


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