Origami Birds by Tanya Jain

This collection of poems has been a delight to read. With verses that touch your heart and at the same time easy to breeze through for a poetry novice like me, Origami birds breathes fresh air into my lungs.

The first few lines about the title and the theme of the book ties me to it.

“Some birds are free,

Some birds are caged.

This origami bird is molded from a page.

Set her free,

Or let her be.”

There are 44 poems in this collection, all beautifully penned by Tanya Jain. I started reading this book one day when I returned from work, with my windows open and the soft breeze blowing in my semi-dark room. The ambient surroundings played a major role in me falling in love with the pieces of this book.


When a poet puts out a part of their soul in the form of writing for the whole world to examine and scrutinize, it can get pretty daunting and so it must have been for Tanya. However, she has very little to worry, since each of these poems with their variant moods have given me, as a reader, refreshing moments to cherish. I have picked this title up, every now and then to glance through the poems and every time I did this I fell in love with my own flaws.

You can get the book here.

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