Roar by Cecilia Ahern

You know when a book changes your opinion about a writer? Well I think it was this book for me.

Cecilia Ahern was one of the feel good writers for me, whose books I read and felt light and happy. However, reading Roar was a revelation to me and something I definitely did not expect.

Ahern tells the story of thirty women in thirty tales and these thirty women could be any of us. She talks of the woman who starts growing invisible simply because people stop acknowledging her or the woman who was put on the shelf by her partner because apparently that is what most women are suited as, showpieces. I loved how Cecilia Ahern doesn’t flinch in being ironical in her stories. I loved how #womensupportwomen in her stories and I admire how she portrayed sexism as well as racism in these power packed tales. While I did love most of the stories in the collection, a few didn’t really work out for me. Overall, this collection was a mixed bag but I would definitely recommend this book to you all.

Some of the titles in the book :
The woman who slowly disappeared
The woman who grew wings
The woman who forgot her name
The woman who had a ticking clock


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