Fire and Blood (Vol. 1) by George R.R. Martin

While Martin is not giving his fans new GOT material to progress with the storyline, he has definitely given us a new spinoff to look forward to. In Fire and Blood, he narrates the history of the Targaryens, the most powerful and royal of the houses so far to have ruled the seven kingdoms of Westeros. And this history is like no other regular one. These lines of events take us through the nitty gritties of the lives of the silver haired kings and queens, their battles against the outsiders, their civil wars and most importantly their dragons. Those large winged reptiles were a source of dread and awe among the common folks and the Targaryens were the only ones who could ride them.

Fire and Blood traces the narrative from the time when Aegon, the conqueror left Valyria on his dragon, Balerion, and came to conquer Westeros. While the story starts there, it continues through generations of Targaryen rulers who sat on the iron throne and the ones who helped them reach the spot. The book reminded me once again of why I love Game of Thrones so much. It’s court room drama, intense politics and regal wars attract me.

Martin doesn’t disappoint fans instead he reignites their love for the series, A Song of Ice and Fire, with this brand new release. Although the narrating styles were quite contrasting since it was done by court jesters and grand maesters, but the magic of the world of Westeros remains intact. If you have always wanted to know more about the Targaryens and what pushed them to their decline, you must pick this book up.

The second volume will soon be released.


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