It’s A Wonderful Life by Ruskin Bond

The most beautiful thing about this little nugget of a book is that it delivers on its promise. It actually gives us a tiny road to achieving some happiness in the most trying of times. Frankly, one would hardly be surprised because we are talking about Ruskin Bond’s writing here. He has this insanely good way of writing just the right things and making his readers smile and transport them to this bubble of joy floating away in a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

The world is in a lockdown and what better time than this for Ruskin Bond to provide his readers a chance to relief and joy. This book is divided into four specific sections: moments from his early life, vignettes, essays and lockdown journals. My favorite was the lockdown journals as it was particularly interesting to peek into the lockdown life of one of the best writers in the world. I was not surprised to see him as worried about the well-being of his friends and acquaintances living away from him and being nervous about the depressing statistics every morning he turned on the news.

There are also tiny pieces of advice thrown in which feel like they are coming from a loved one whether it is reading poetry before going to sleep or learning to make one’s bed. I was inevitably craving for some more of Ruskin Bond’s writing after I finished with this piece. And I ended up day-dreaming about settling in the mountains, may be meeting Mr. Bond over a cup of tea and just listen looking at the incessant beauty of nature.


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