Winning in the Digital Age by Nitin Seth

What does it take for a business to thrive in the digital age?
What is it like for a legacy organization to adopt a complete digital transformation?
What are the challenges digital natives face?

These are some of the many questions the book ‘Winning in the Digital Age’ answers. The author, Nitin Seth is the CEO of Incedo Inc., a company that helps drive #digitaltransformation (from strategy to execution) for their clients. Nitin’s decades of experience working to develop digital #strategy for clients at McKinsey & Company, driving strategy for Fidelity Investments and learning new rules of business at Flipkart has helped the shape the book into a Must-Read for anyone who wants to develop a career in digital transformation or leaders who want to make themselves and their teams ready to thrive in the digital age.

Seth’s learnings and insights from hands-on experience has been divided into the 7 building blocks for successfully executing digital transformations in organizations. Each of these blocks talk about different dimensions that one needs to consider while building themselves and their organizations to adopt digital strategy.

While most organizations try to embed technology in their existing functions, Seth stresses how the rules of business have changed in the VUCA world and end-to-end digital revamp is impossible without understanding these new rules. It includes the changing needs of customers, data explosion and the speed with which new products and services are being created and going obsolete.

When we talk about digital technologies such as cloud, blockchain, AI, etc. we need to be mindful that these are interdependent technologies. Designing CX, improving operational efficiencies, delving into new distribution channels are some areas where digital technologies can make a positive impact. Seth has dedicated one entire block to talk about the areas that can be digitally transformed using technology assets.

Seth also comments on the changing mindset of customers and how the millennials and Gen Z customers are more digitally minded now. While segmentation of customers was what marketers would do previously to determine the value offered, the era is slowly closing on to personalization for customers. This puts a greater stress on handling data and importance of data analytics and AI measurable increase.

It is Seth’s writing style that totally stands out for me. The book reads out like an interesting TED talk and is extremely effective in helping you create a vision in your head. Instead of giving you a plan for stepping into digital transformation, Seth shows you the way that will help you create your own custom plan. The book is full of inspiring and eye-opening anecdotes that will help you rethink your strategy. If there is one Business non-fiction you want to read this month, let it be ‘Winning in the Digital Age’ because it will definitely set you in the right track towards making your mark in the digital era.


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