I am Aritri Chatterjee, a young woman of 22 years, living in India presently and I have recently completed my graduation in Computer Science Engineering. I love reading so much so that my daily activities lay forgotten whenever I can get my hands on a new book. The smell, touch and sight of new books intoxicate and arouse me (not in a creepy way, though). So it was only just a matter of time that I write what I felt about the books I have been reading because it wouldn’t be fair to keep all the information and knowledge about them to myself. In the meanwhile, I think it is my absolute duty to inspire you, my readers, to read these books and many more and turn you into as much of a book fanatic that I am. To spread the love for reading among fellow beings is a joy and I wish to do the same.

My blog is mostly about books, although I am allowed a little bit of diversion every now and then. The reviews I write are totally from my heart and you will not find me rating them too much. I will try my best to keep you all engaged with new and interesting posts.

Happy Reading!



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