BookOkay : An answer to every bibliophile’s prayers

I am a picky book buyer and by picky, I mean, I am in constant fear of not spending more than necessary on particular books. Therefore, I almost always pick a book carefully, ponder and wonder whether I can get it cheaper at ebay or Amazon or at the local second-hand bookstore. However, the task can get really hectic especially when there are numerous shopping portals claiming to sell books at an alarmingly low cost.

Like an answer to our prayers, Tushar Gugnani came up with a brilliant solution, BookOkay. This is a book price comparison site that magically shows you the portal where the book is available for a minimum price. Isn’t this amazing? I know, Goodreads already has a similar comparison available but the specialty of BookOkay is that it is solely devoted to finding the lowest priced book for you and their interface is really smooth and easy to comprehend.

I had been meaning to buy the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes for quite some time and the confusing rates at Amazon itself were making me really hesitant. So, I thought of giving this site a try.


Look at how swiftly all the portals with my particular book choice have been listed. I love how they have included all the details such as publisher as well as delivery charges and direct links to the site. The invariable best choice has been provided at the top. It is a no-nonsense, clutter free website and I am totally going to use this for future buying purposes.

Here is a direct link to their site BookOkay.

Let’s hear it from the founder himself :

Since the profit margin of books are usually high, different online sellers sells it at varied discount %, and this is where BookOkay comes to the rescue. We have built a system of book discovery and price comparison for book readers of all kinds, so that it bocomes easier for them to buy their books from a single site instead of hopping on different sites and checking prices.

So how did this exceptionally cool idea come into being?

The Initial Idea of Making BookOkay was to become an online seller of Second Hand Books. As I was researching more about this idea it appeared that the price of New Book Online is not standard and there is a huge difference in the price of same book across different ecommerce sites. This was a new problem statement and I wanted easier for consumer to choose where to buy there books from. There are lots of pieces that needed to be joined to make this thing successful. I complied a list of Books and categorized it across different categories and how to get the latest price from different sellers is a different piece all together.

Any future plans in mind?

We are working hard to make our database of books better, so that a book reader can find each and every book on BookOkay. Along with that we are trying to come up with features for book readers by which they can get a list of book suggestions and what to read next, Book Reviews and other interesting things.

Now that I have told you the secret to a peaceful shopping life, you’re welcome.

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