Sunset Talks Episode 2 : Harry Potter Q&A

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode of The Liquid Sunset’s recent podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it. Let me know your answers to the following questions in the comments below.

Read the entire review of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 20th anniversary edition.


[00:58] When did you start Harry Potter and how were you introduced to it?

[02:15] Did you ever feel Dumbledore was partial or the full story was in Harry’s favour?

[04:46] What do you think happened to Winky?

[04:54] If you could kill off one character other than Umbridge, who would that be?

[05:33] Where are the wizard children schooled before Hogwarts?

[06:22] If you could live in Hogwarts for one day, what will be the first thing that you do?

[07:05] Which character’s death affected you the most?

[08:09] Thoughts on Cursed Child?

[08:35] Did Hermione ever love Harry as a lover?

[09:17] Who do you like other than the book pairings of Romione and Hinny?

[10:00] Should Victoire and Teddy marry in future?

[10:18] Who do you think is the most underrated character in the series? And the most overrated character?

[11:22] Do you ship Dramione? (Note: in the recording it is mistakenly pronounced Hermione )

[11:45] Do you ship Hinny?

[12:07] Favourite character?


9 thoughts on “Sunset Talks Episode 2 : Harry Potter Q&A

  1. krpiku says:

    2. Yes. I think Dumbledore was really kind to Harry Potter. He helped a lot. He sacrificed himself to save Harry. But sometimes, I think that he did all the things not only to save Harry but also to destroy “HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED”. And this is the main part of that whole story. Harry was the only boy “WHO LIVED” from the Death Curse. So Dumbledore much needed Harry. He knows that the some parts of Voldemort recides in Harry. And it was the only clue to gain the Hocrax and finish the devil.

    3. I think Winky is Dobby. At first it was the slave of Malfoy family. But Harry set it free by donating a shock of Lucius Malfoy. Dobby was killed by Bellatrix Mistrange by a knife

    4. I will kill Peter Pedegrue. He betrayed Harry’s parents and their friends and added up to the Dark side.

    5. Before Hogwarts, there was no such magical school. The students belong to the muggle families were taught in the muggle school. The students belong to the magical families were taught in their homes.

    6. If I visit Hogwarts for one day, I will visit the “Restricted section of the library” so that I can know the dark and some forbidden magic 😉 ;).

    7. I was hurt when Severus Snape was killd. I think that he was the bravest man. His tears which was the actual story did change the Harry’s mind.

    ** The answers are not collected from the internet. Those are my own thoughts after reading and watching Harry Potter. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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